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The Alpi Ledrensi network covers great part of southwestern Trentino. It is characterized by a significant richness as far as its flowers and animals are concerned, and it has many extraordinary features: endemic flowers, sites of outstanding importance - on an international and alpine level - due to the presence of migratory birds (Bocca di Caset, Alpo di Bondone, Bocca Trat and Saval), ecological...
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Since April the Network have entered the Internet: the new web site dedicated to the Alpi Ledrensi Reserves...
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Action D1 - The Circolo Fotoamatori Valle di Ledro (Club of the Amateur Photographers of Valle di Ledro)...
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Workshop to understand and develop local tourism towards sustainability
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Path 444 - Itinerary No. 1
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Trail from Centro abitato di Storo
Path 444 - Itinerary No. 4
From the enchanting Lorina Valley to the meadows of the Tremalzo upland
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Trail from Statale del Val d'Ampola, nei pressi del forte Ampola